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SHRINK is a smart enterprise file management software designed to manage your organization's data. With SHRINK, you can safely share folders, easily collaborate with users, store files and track your enterprise data activities intelligently.

Latest Release V4.12

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Smart Compression

Powered by Artificial intelligence, SHRINK can compress over 1500 filetypes optimally to reduce your storage costs by 60%.

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SHRINK Smartsight

SMARTSIGHT can track your organization’s data activities and deliver them to you on comprehensive and on-the-go reports.

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SHRINK can be hosted on your enterprise servers, use your storage and comply with your organization's policy to be completely under the control of your IT department.

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"SHRINK solved all my storage needs."
Swaathi Kakarla


"SHRINK, the enterprise storage system every business needs."
Gerab System Solutions

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