Tailored to manage your data storage system on your premise.

Health Care

Managing complex, structured and unstructured healthcare data within the organization storage. Amplify the efficiency of accessing diverse data from various departments. Enhancing PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to increase operational efficiency.

Gather, store, evaluate and Update Patient data after each review with ease. Deploy personalized patient file tracking. Integrate and collaborate on patient data from all available.


Reduce processing flaws, SHRINK supports deep customization. Processing data-intensive workflow to improve execution efficiency. Lower cost and enable easy data interpretation and modeling. Leverage data analysis to increase profitability.

Eradicate redundancies of stored data to increase storage space. Automatically sync new data to avoid data redundancy and data inconsistency.

Social Media and Entertainment

Optimize the storage of a massive amount of data which includes different file types.

Increase flexibility in performing operations on data. Enables rapid access to data using intelligent SHRINK storage infrastructure. Increase scalability to reduce response time.

Escalate social media performance. Maintains every sensitive data on-premise securely against data breach.

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